Monday, October 18, 2010

It will have a craft room!

I need a craft room of some sort; I love to make things; jewelry, paper crafts, scrapbooks, paintings... you name it, I've dabbled in it!

So Ive been scouring the Internet again for inspiration for my little slice of craftiness. This is what Ive found so far...

 I love this simple desk and hutch

This room would be great if you had crafty friends! I love all the room to spread out 

 Love this great storage

This is more like it! Love the fun, bright colors and all the kitchy things.

Same craft room... love that awesome ironing board 

 I love the idea of the back lit cabinets. Everything is on display!

And who wouldn't want a crystal chandelier in their craft room? 

 And these chairs... I must have them!

Or this chair...It's so pink and girly!

Love these turquoise walls and all that fabric. I could sew for months! 

So sweet and dreamy

This is fabulous with great storage! 

If you want to see the real me, this is what I love, love, love!!
Someone let me play in this room for a few months... or years!

Until next time...


Betsy said...

Hi there crafty lady, I love these rooms and long for a room of my own one day too. I think I like the 2nd one best. Most of these look a lot like kitchens. Maybe I should move the dishes into the garage and my crafting supplies into the kitchen;-)

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Such lovely inspirations! I love all them crafty rooms!

My best friend has to stamp in their laundry room. The dryer top is all inked up. I never hear her complain and she makes the best cards.


Stefanie said...

They do kinda look like kitchens. I never thought about that.