Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dreaming again...Bedrooms & Bathrooms

I'm dreaming up more ideas for the house. I found this great site Houzz , some of you might have heard about it. I'm glad that I found it. Its full of great ideas and articles for your house.

How about this for a small half bath. I love the wallpaper and chandelier. It even looks like it has a half sink!
tiny powder room  powder room

How about this idea for a larger bathroom or as part of your bedroom leading into the bathroom. I love the built in look of the vanity!
Cow Hollow Residence traditional powder room

And what girly girl wouldn't want this PINK tub? I love it!
eclectic pink bath- livingetc eclectic bathroom

Okay, someone got inside my head and stole my bedroom! Isn't this lovely; I could see myself relaxing here.
FleaMarketTrixie eclectic bedroom

Or maybe this one? eclectic bedroom

Oh no...this one!I love the old chippy mantle that's being used as a headboard
Blue eclectic bedroom

Now I'm in heaven!
French Flea Market eclectic bedroom

Who would have thought about putting a corrugated metal headboard on their bed? Well, I am now!
Young House Love - The Story Of Two Young People Falling In Love With Their Firs eclectic bedroom

Ohhh... I want to play in this closet!
Lola Bs traditional closet

I could play here too.
Schoen: A House in the Hamptons traditional bathroom

So, this kinda gives you an idea of what I'm aiming for when it comes to decorating and putting together my home. I'm not even sure what to call this style; shabby chic or eclectic?

What kind of styles are you into?


Katie said...

I like all these ideas! How fun!

Stefanie said...

Thank you darling! :)

Creative Director said...

To me what you're attracted to is definitely a romantic sensibility, in both the literary and victorian sense. Lots of fabric, light colors, sunlight, a little frill, but organized.