Monday, January 17, 2011

Canvas Wall Art

I just wanted to share a little (big)  project that I've been working on for my sister's baby shower! She's been searching for something to hang on the hospital door other than a wreath. She sent me a picture of canvas wall banner and I was inspired!

Now, Ive never been a really great painter but I knew I had to try for my little sister and my niece that is on the way. My sister has no idea that I've painted this for her and I think that she'll be very surprised when I give it to her.


The first thing you need is a roll of canvas and your painting supplies. My canvas came from Michael's. Cut to your desire length and tape off your border.

Tape your borders

After I tape off my edges, I painted the background a pink color and sketched out my baby face!

Face is drawn

I gave the little hair bow a few accent colors to make it stand out.

Upside down...but you can see it taking shape!

Then I went to work painting the features of the face.

Big pink cheeks!

Little red lips!

I finally gave her some eyes!

A little black curl and big eyes!

And a yellow and purple shirt!

I stared at it for a while hoping she didn't look like an Easter Egg!

Then added my niece's name (Which the daddy picked out!)


Painted the border black with white polka dots...and Ta-Da!!!

I still have to add the dowel to hang it...

If you would like one for your little bundle of joy please drop me an email ~


MMB Creations said...

So cute. You did a great job.

Sandi said...

This is so cute! You are talented!