Monday, September 27, 2010

Gray, How I love you so!

Do you know how surprised I was when Mark said "Ive been thinking about Gray for the walls." I think my jaw hit the floor! For the longest time Ive had a love affair with the color Gray. Whether it be clothes or wall colors; I cant get enough. 
In my last house all the walls were a light tan color. In the two apartments I lived in the walls have been stark white. You would think I might go wild and paint the walls red or something bright and bold...but nope; Gray it is!
After a trip to Lowes to pick out paint; where I act like a kid in a candy store! We come back with at least eight booklets and ten different paint chips. We spread the paint colors out on the bed and narrowed it down to our three favorites and chose from there. Secret Passage by Olympic won for the walls in the living room, kitchen and probably the hall. Doesn't that name just sound fun?
That was most of the paint chips and booklets I brought home! (Sorry for the not so great picture; my real camera has gone M.I.A.)
What do you think about the color Gray?

Bonus points to anyone who can spot the tattooed arm in the belongs to Mark.


Mandy Crandell said...

I LOVE the color grey! I never thought of it for a room, though. Can't wait to see the result!

Stefanie said...

Thanks Mandy, I love the color...lets hope it looks okay with my sofa. If not I guess I could get a slip cover.

Designer and Craftsperson said...

Gray is a great color. It is also one of those sneaky colors; I think finding a true white/black blend is hard, whether it is paint or clothes or anything at all. Usually there are undertones of another color, often blue or brown, deep in the mix. So I'm really careful when looking for gray. I hate to try to match a gray shirt with black pants and find my shirt is actually a shade brownish! Egads! Jennifer
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